Teachers and Other Staff

To email a staff member use staffcode @pc.school.nz.  The full staff list will be available soon.

2018 DEANS

Year 9 Deans – Anca Iagaru: iga@pc.school.nz and Penny Ray: ryp@pc.school.nz

Year 10 Deans – Anita Titter: tia@pc.school.nz and Todd Woods: wdt@pc.school.nz

Year 11 Deans – Ingrid van Schooten: vti@pc.school.nz and Mark Fearon: frm@pc.school.nz 

Year 12 Deans – Kim Kelly: kek@pc.school.nz and Ian Ridd: rdi@pc.school.nz

Year 13 Deans – Rosie Keane: knr@pc.school.nz and Steve Marshall: mas@pc.school.nz



Jules Esther ejj@pc.school.nz