‘Loves Me Not’ Programme – Tuesday 2 May

‘Loves Me Not’ is a one-day workshop for year 12 students about healthy relationships to be held at school on Tuesday May 2nd.

The ‘Loves Me Not’ programme was developed by the Police in partnership with the Sophie Elliott Foundation. It focuses on exploring what makes a healthy, equal relationship and on recognizing when a relationship is unhealthy or abusive. The workshop is designed to promote safe relationship for males and females. It is linked to the school curriculum so the students are achieving educational outcomes whilst looking at this important social issue. It includes a section on consent which seems particularly relevant given recent news concerning social media posts.

The day of the workshop, Tuesday May 2nd, is regarded as a normal school day and all students. If you do not want your daughter or son to participate please contact the College and we will make some alternative arrangements for them.

For further information the following links are useful:
‘Loves Me Not’ – Sophie Elliott Foundation

‘Loves Me Not’ – Resources & Information from the Police Schools Portal

or feel free to contact Jules Esther
Senior Guidance Counsellor
Paraparaumu College
Email jules.esther@pc.school.nz
Phone +4 902 5170 Ext 891