2019 High School Honors Performance Series at the Sydney Opera House

My Sydney Opera House trip was one of the highlights of my life so far, and was a really fulfilling and helpful experience for furthering my career as a musician. I was able to meet many other musicians of a similar and higher skill level, and it really helped me understand how fun playing music can really be. Over the course of the trip, I was able to see many different parts of Sydney that I hadn’t seen before, as well as play for one of the best conductors I have met. Kirt Mosier was really good at getting everyone to play to the best of their ability, without being too mean or demanding overall.

The trip started with me meeting the rest of my group on the first day, where we all got to know each other by chatting and playing cards together for a few hours. The second day was when we really got started with the activities, with the day consisting of us visiting the Blue Mountains and a wildlife park to see some examples of Australian wildlife. We then went back to the hotel and had dinner just outside of the Sydney Opera House, just in time to see the light show being projected onto the side of the building.

The third day, we finally started rehearsing and practiced for around 6 hours before heading to The Rocks, Sydney’s oldest district. While there, we had dinner and went on a guided tour through various older areas of the city.

On Saturday, we were a lot more focused on rehearsing for Sunday, with the concert being only one day away. We practiced for a similar amount of time as the previous day, spending the first part of our afternoon practice recording the songs we were playing. The day ended with us going on a harbour cruise, which was a really cool experience.

The next day was the day of our performance, so we didn’t have any rehearsal until our dress rehearsal in the Opera House itself. We spent the morning hanging out as a group in the lobby of the hotel until we went out for breakfast together. By that evening, we were all ready and excited to perform. We took some photos outside of the Opera House, then went in and heard the Young Adult Choir sing, before we had to leave and prepare to play.

The performance itself went really well, with the violin solo in the theme for Schindler’s List sounding amazing and the bass section, myself included, having fun in Goin’ to Kansas City playing the jazzy bass line.

Overall, the experience was incredible and playing in the Opera House has been one of my biggest achievements so far in my life. I met lots of really nice people with similar interests to me that I plan to stay in contact with into the future. My time in Sydney was absolutely the highlight of my year, and an experience I’m sure to remember for years to come.