Attitude Speakers – Monday 10 May

On Monday 10 May , the ATTITUDE group will be visiting our school.  Visit their website  Attitude

The ATTITUDE group has visited our school several times and have always been popular with the students and well received. This year, ATTITUDE will be giving 5 different presentations; one to each year level. 

A description of each presentation is provided below:

Year 9 – Hauora– Social skills and emotional intelligence, how to cultivate it, how to handle rejection and bullying, as well as keys to building healthy and happy friendships.

Year 10  – Hardwired – A holistic approach to drug education, particularly addressing the social and emotional reasons why young people become involved in drug-taking.

Year 11- Sex with Attitude Part 1 – Looks at the emotional and social aspects of sexuality and offers a decision making guide to relationships, how to set boundaries and challenges young people to think about personal future options when faced with issues relating to sexuality.

Year 12 – Sex with Attitude Part 2 – A guide to getting a healthy relationship started, ideas on how to maintain and keep it healthy, and how to cope with a break up.

Year 13 – The Pits – Looks at depression and stress. The Pits is a survival kit on how to get through the bad days as well as a problem solving guide of what to do when it feels like there are no options.

Students from each year level will be attending one of the presentations during a regular class period.  

If any parents do not wish their son or daughter to attend this session, they should send a note to their son or daughter’s Form Teacher indicating that their child should be excused from the ATTITUDE presentation.

Brenda McKenzie – HOD Health