The PC way document brings to life our vision of creating a ‘Caring Community of Great Learners’ and illustrates our commitment to achieving the highest possible equitable outcomes for each of our learners.

To do this, we apply the principles and practices of the PC Way as we develop knowledgeable, passionate, confident life-long learners who can effectively communicate their ideas. We encourage curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.  We know that these competencies and attitudes, together with our CARE values, will help equip young people to be successful in navigating the challenges of an ever-changing future.

We also support our young people to know themselves, to know their place in bicultural Aotearoa/New Zealand, to embrace diversity and to become connected global citizens. We value our ākonga becoming actively involved, compassionate members of society and being socially, culturally and environmentally aware.

The PC Way is built around six principles that act as navigation tools that guide the decisions we make around teaching and learning at Paraparaumu College.

The Principles of the PC Way

Relationships of Care and Connectedness

It is our commitment that all relationships that exist between students, staff and the wider community need to be founded on our CARE values and work towards helping our learners to develop a deep sense of belonging within the PC community. 

Personalisation of Learning

Personalisation of learning is viewed as the tailoring of learning based on students’ interests and needs. It incorporates students owning and driving their learning. This is achieved through a process of co-production that values student voice in the construction of the curriculum, learning environment and the presence of meaningful choices.


Student wellbeing is strongly linked to learning. Promoting the wellbeing of all students includes their physical, social, emotional, academic and spiritual needs.

Personal Excellence

Personal excellence is underpinned by the high expectations we have for all our learners. It is intertwined with the fostering of a growth mindset and incorporates students striving to deepen their knowledge and refine their skills and competences.

Deep Learning

Deep  learning is intricately connected to the development of learning experiences for our students that foster the development of competencies needed for our students to flourish as citizens of the world. These learning experiences include opportunities for our students to inquire, make connections, take action and generate new knowledge


Collaboration is embraced across all areas of our College, from what happens within classrooms between students, to what happens among staff, to what happens between other schools and agencies.

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