Business Continuation Plan

The school needs to be flexible in its response to Covid and will depend on the various scenarios that could play out within the school community. The movement between the stages needs to be fluid considering the shifting conditions we are currently facing due to Covid:

● The overarching consideration will be given to the safety of students and staff, and whether the school will be able to function on limited staff, in extreme cases.
● Stage 1 is following the Ministry of Education guidelines
● The Leadership Team, in consultation with the board, will shift to Stage 2 due to high absences (students and staff).
● The board, in consultation with the Leadership Team, will make the decision to switch over to home based learning (Stage 3) should it no longer be possible to run school-based learning programmes.
● Stage 4 The Ministry of Education will instruct schools to shut down in the event of a regional/local or national pandemic event.

Please see the link to the full continuity plan below:

Paraparaumu College COVID Continuity Plan