Canteen Re-opening


We are delighted that, as from Monday 25 May, the Canteen will be re-opening with some amended health and safety practices that mean we are able to open for normal canteen services.

Re-opening special as a welcome back is $1 pizza! (While stocks last) 

There will be slight changes in the way students need to line up. 

The main line will start at the corner of the building, and then students can advance to the painted lines which have been marked on the concrete directly in front of the Canteen window.   The following rules apply:

  • Do not push in, and do not let others push in.  If you are seen pushing in you will not be served.  If you are worried about missing out then pre-order and collect is the way to go
  • One person only is to come to the window – the person who is buying 
  • Please keep the noise down so we can serve you as quickly as possible

Sanitizer is available on the counter and must be used.

The Canteen has very strict health and safety measures in place.

Please help us to serve you quickly and safely by playing your part to line up, keep the physical distance required, keep the noise down and one-at-a-time please.

We understand many families use the services of the canteen daily for breakfast, morning tea and lunch, and we are so delighted to be able to be back.

The Canteen Team

Gayle, Cathy, Rachel and Paul