Car Parking and Student Drop-off Points

Paraparaumu College car parking and student drop-off points

The new car parking areas have changed recently and there are now new student drop-off points.

Entry points

  1. Entry is either via the western end of the public car park area off Mazengarb Road west of the Hadleigh Court side road OR
  2. Via the entry-only point in the middle of the public car park used by the school buses.

Drop-off points

Two options:

  1. Via western-most entry: drop-off students prior to the yellow painted hatching area.
  2. Via entry-only point: drive straight ahead to the loop driveway, using either side of the wide sealed area to drop-off and leave quickly.

Keep Moving

To keep the traffic flowing, make sure each driver goes to the front of the queue closest to the exit ensuring there are no gaps between cars.

Do not block the entry or exit points preventing cars wanting to park up to go across the intersection points.

New line markings in the public car park owned by the Kāpiti Coast District Council

The areas of broken yellow lines (BYLs) and yellow painted hatching areas mean no drivers can stop on these marked areas.

Council staff will be checking the public carpark area to ensure the parking is legal. Infringements will be issued to those not keeping to the rules for everyone’s benefit.

Let’s keep the cars moving, reduce congestion, make the most of the new drop-off area, and keep everyone safe.