Career Education at Paraparaumu College is a whole school responsibility. It is being designed to meet the needs of all our students, and involve the local and wider community. Our mission is to assist all students to make informed decisions about their future education, training and work pathways.

vocaitonal-pathwaysIf you need help with your subject selection please see your Form Teacher and/or College Deans.

Our Transition and Careers Department team members are available for appointments to talk about your options while you are studying and as you prepare to leave College. Parents are also welcome to attend these appointments. Our College Deans also have lots of great advice about what subjects you need to be taking for tertiary study or employment requirements.

If you don’t  know what you would like to study, go online for help! The Youth Guarantee site is very useful and check out Vocational Pathways.  Another great website to look at, if you are planning on leaving College and are not sure what to do next, is Careers NZ and this link for School Leavers is a great

Are you finding decisions about what to study and or major in at University difficult? Check out ‘No Major Drama’. This site has heaps of suggestions on career paths you may never have thought of, and practical information about making decisions about University study.