Conferencing Day – Tuesday 4 August

Conferencing 2020 is still on…

  • Conferencing Day is being held on August 4th 2020.
  • On Conferencing Day there are no time-tabled classes.  
  • Students are encouraged to attend a 15 minute conference with their form teacher and attend at least one of the many activities that are being held on this day 
  • School uniforms are not required to be worn to school for the interviews or activities.

What happens in the 15-minute conference?  

This is an opportunity for students, parents, and teachers to engage in open and honest dialogue about the student’s academic performance so far, wellbeing, attendance, pastoral care record, goal setting and a chance to discuss progress in developing employability skills and exploring possible career pathways.  Students are encouraged to bring a whanau member with them to the conference, however if this is not possible, a friend is welcome to attend the interview as a support person.

What else is happening around the school?

This year while conferencing is happening, students are encouraged to sign up for an activity, seminar or to visit our ITO/Trade Space.

Activities and seminars will be on such things as:  work readiness, trying new things, getting ready for tertiary study, volunteering in the community, mental health and wellbeing.

What to do before Conferencing Day

  1. Book an interview.  Career and Conferencing Day bookings will open on Friday 3rd July at 9am.  From this date please access and enter the code b3zev and then follow the prompts.  Caregivers who cannot access the site are able to contact the college office on 04 902 5170 to make an appointment.  The booking site will close at 3pm Friday  31st July.
  2. Students, you need to complete/update your profile in Career Central prior to the interview by filling out the first four sections about yourself and complete the Bulls-Eye Quiz .  Students use their normal school computer login details.   

These sections are: 

  • Step 1: My details 
  • Step 2: About me
  • Step 3: Jobs – Students are encouraged to save 3 jobs that are of interest to them
  • Step 4: Next Steps – Goals (If you have trouble with this you can do it in your interview)
  • Complete the Bulls Eye Quiz (the yellow tile at the bottom)

Sign up for an activity to do on the day.  A google form will be emailed to all students at the start of Term 3.  Students will be able to register their interest in activities on this form.