COVID-19 Alert Level 2

The Government has announced we are going to Alert Level 2 from midday today (Wednesday 12 August).  The school timetable will operate as normal and we will put into place our Level 2 plan from midday. The full plan can be accessed through the link below and this will be updated if any new information comes to hand from the Ministry of Health or Education.

Main reminders are:

– use safe hygiene practices (coughing into elbow, staying home if unwell, using hand sanitiser regularly or soap to wash hands, not touching your face).

– staying outside each others breath zone in terms of physical distancing. Keeping left in corridors. Not sharing food or drinks.

– no gatherings of more than 100, therefore no assemblies at Alert Level 2.

We will be reminding students of these health measures, though they are really just good everyday hygiene habits.

We will provide further updates via Facebook and the website, so please keep an eye on these. College Sport Wellington will be providing information about sports events at midday and we will put that information out as soon as we can also.

Paraparaumu College Covid-19 Health & Safety Plan