Engineer Caleb Graduates with Honours

CalebFormer Paraparaumu College student, Caleb Balmer (right), will be graduating from the University of Canterbury’s Mechanical Engineering Honours programme on Tuesday 19th April.  Last year as part of the final year programme, Caleb was among a group of top students who completed cutting-edge research and development projects, sponsored by some of New Zealand’s most interesting companies.   Caleb’s project was inspired by Len Lye who was one of New Zealand’s most prolific artists, working in film, sculpture and other mediums.   One of his Len Lye’s most famous works is his 1959 kinetic sculpture titled “Rotating Harmonic”. It is a fast spinning 4 foot long metal rod which creates strange but beautiful warped shapes. The Len Lye Foundation is now working on the ten times larger piece that Len Lye had always wanted to make, but which is only now becoming a possibility with our modern materials.  Caleb and his team were commissioned to find the materials needed to make the sculpture, to design the mechanical system capable of safely moving the piece at the needed speeds. Thanks to the hard work of these engineers one of New Zealand’s great kinetic sculpture artworks will soon come to life.

Paraparaumu College congratulates Caleb for his outstanding research contributions, as well as for his hard work during the challenging four-year Engineering Honours programme at Canterbury University.

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