ERO Report

As many of you will be aware, we had ERO visit at the start of Term 4, 2018. Just before Christmas they released their final report. We are very pleased with how the ERO visit went, the strengths they identified and the areas of development they have suggested. Here is a small sample of comments from the report:

  • Purposeful relationships are an integral part of school culture, pastoral and curriculum practices. 
  • Culturally responsive and relational teacher practices support effective learning relationships. 
  • Well-established pastoral and guidance processes and a willingness to be flexible to individual situations successfully assist students to maintain engagement in learning and support their wellbeing.
  • Classrooms reflect the CARE values and incorporate quality teaching practices. High teacher expectations and purposeful learning tasks support students to become self-managing decision makers.
  • A majority of the learners successful in NCEA gain merit or excellence endorsements. Over the past three years, senior students have gained New Zealand Scholarships. These have been achieved across the majority of senior subjects.
  • Senior leadership effectively encourages and promotes collaboration across the school and wider community to promote improved student outcomes.

We felt the ERO visit was positive and constructive for us as a school and invite you to read the full report here