Year 9 Great Learner Week – 6-9 March

great-learner-valuesThe week starting on Monday 6th March is 2017’s Great Learner Week.  During this week, Year 9’s normal classes are replaced by a series of workshops focusing on Paraparaumu College’s Great Learner attributes.  This set of skills is crucial across the curriculum as we develop both independent and collaborative skills to help us access and create new ideas and knowledge.  This is also the week that Year 9 students head up to Otaki Forks to take part in an Outdoor Education programme.  The skills learned in these activities include problem-solving, self-management and teamwork, which are so important in all our learning, be it at school, at home or in our communities.  Have a great week everyone.  Learn heaps and use it in all your great learning!

An article about 2015’s Good Learner Week is available here.