Health Education Consultation 2022

Re: Health Education Consultation 2022

At Paraparaumu College we are reviewing our Health Education programme to ensure that it meets the needs of our school community.  

Currently Year 9 and 10 students attend compulsory Health Education classes once a week. Senior students can select NCEA Health courses at Level 1, 2 and 3.

The Health and Physical Education Curriculum has seven key areas of learning, four of which are more closely related to Health Education. These are (1) mental health, (2) sexuality education, (3) food and nutrition, and (4) body care and physical activity

Professional development for all teachers of the Health programme is ongoing.  Regular meetings of the Health department to discuss upcoming modules and current developments in health related news and events is complemented by links with numerous community organisations including Kāpiti Youth Support (KYS), NZ Police, Family Planning (FPA), Rainbow Youth, New Zealand Health Education Association (NZHEA ), Heart Foundation,  Health Promotion Agency (HPA ),Mental Health Foundation  (MHF), Tūturu, Attitude  and Pink Shirt Day, just to name a few.

The Health curriculum is constantly developing in response to the changing environment within our society as a whole, and our community in particular. For example, we consider some of the latest research in health education such as Auckland University’s Youth 2019 series as well as contemporary news news and current events that have implications for health.  Having said that, there is a core framework of topics that are taught within each year. The link to these modules can be found at the end of this document.  

At the start of each year the course outlines are emailed to all parents of junior students.  If parents do not have an email address this information is mailed to them directly . 

Click on the link to view the Junior Health Programme at Paraparaumu College: 

 Junior Health Programme at Paraparaumu College 

After viewing the link we would love to hear your feedback on the programme

2022 Health Consultation Survey

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and provide valuable feedback.

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Brenda McKenzie 

HOD Health