Metlink school bus routes

Paraparaumu College


508 – Waikanae – Paraparaumu College

8:20  KapanuiSch (sch)                              8:35  ParaparaumuColl (sch grds)     Except Thu

9:10  KapanuiSch (sch)                              9:35  ParaparaumuColl (sch grds)     Thu only

510 – Waikanae Beach – Waikanae – Waikanae School & Paraparaumu College

7:55  WaimeaRd (68)                                 8:30  ParaparaumuColl (sch grds)     Except Thu

9:20  WaimeaRd (68)                                 9:55  ParaparaumuColl (sch grds)     Thu only


507 – Paraparaumu College – Waikanae

15:20  ParaparaumuColl (sch grds)             15:35  Waikanae-NgaioRd at Main     Daily

508 – Paraparaumu College – Waikanae

15:20  ParaparaumuColl (sch grds)             15:31  TeMoanaRd at Greenaway     Daily

510 – Waikanae Beach – Waikanae – Waikanae School & Paraparaumu College

15:20  ParaparaumuColl (sch grds)             15:50  WaikanaeBch-RauparahaSt     Daily


Mana Coach Services

Students eligible for transport assistance and who travel on the Pekapeka and Reikorangi buses continue to be transported free of charge. Passes for these students will be managed through the school. Eligible students are those who live in excess of 2.5km east the railway crossing at Waikanae or 2.5km north of the Ngaio Rd/State Highway 1 intersection in Waikanae (predominantly those living in Pekapeka). Most students living in Waikanae to the west of the main highway are not eligible for transport assistance.

PLEASE NOTE:  Bus passes required on all rural school buses from Monday 1st March 2021.  

Information on eligibility for rural bus passes, can be found here.

Mana Coach Services School Bus Timetable