Guidelines and Routines


  • Exercise common sense, courtesy, cooperation and consideration at all times (Our Value of Respect)
  • Maintain a safe physical and emotional environment (Our Value of Respect)
  • Achieve to the best of their ability (Our Value of Achieving Excellence and Being Innovative)
  • Take pride in wearing their uniform correctly (Our Value of Being Responsible)
  • Be punctual at all times (Our Value of Being Responsible)
  • Bring notes to explain any absence (Our Value of Being Responsible)
  • Complete all homework set (Our Value of Being Responsible)
  • Leave strictly alone property which does not belong to them (Our Value of Having Integrity)


  • Correct uniform must be worn to and from College and on all College occasions unless a uniform exemption pass has been granted
  • Jewellery is not allowed to be worn except that students may wear one plain small gold or silver stud (not rings) in each ear.  Hair ties and headbands need to be of a plain colour
  • Make-up or nail varnish may not be worn with uniform
  • Hair must be off the face, clean, neat and tidy and of a colour within the natural hair colour range.  Elaborate, decorated styles and exotic colours (eg dreadlocks/matted/waxed hair) are not acceptable
  • Boys should be clean shaven
  • Year 13 students who may wear mufti, have their own dress code.  This is a place of work and learning and clothing should be appropriate to that situation
  • Students may not leave College until 3.15 pm unless prior arrangements are made except on Wednesday when students in Years 12 and 13 may leave at 1.35 pm unless required to remain for a specific purpose


All students must attend College until they are 16.  They majority of students now complete Year 12 with increasing numbers completing Year 13 before embarking on tertiary study.  All students who are enrolled are required to attend regularly.


Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks, involvement with illegal drugs or substance abuse (eg herbal high/high caffeine drinks) are not permitted by students travelling to/from the College, at College, in uniform, during school time or when involved in any College activity or function – this includes attendance at sports fixtures involving College teams.