Policy Review Term 4, 2022

For term 4, the review is focused on the Safety On and Off School Grounds section along with Health, Safety, and Welfare Policy. See the full Review and Board Assurances Schedule .

Who reviews our policies and procedures?

  • Reviews are open to the board, staff, and the school community (parents/caregivers/whānau).
  • Anyone can review any policy/procedure that has a red review flag.

The board is responsible for board-level overarching policies. The table below shows which topics the board should review. Note that other reviewers can review these topics too; they’re not exclusively for the board.

Get started

To start reviewing, click on a topic name below, then click the red UNDER REVIEW flag (top right hand corner of the page). 

Term 4 review topics    
Safety On and Off School Grounds    
  Board review
  Board review
Or you can access the policies via the SchoolDocs site via the link here 
Enter User Name: paraparaumucollege and Password: mazengarb  
SchoolDocs considers all of the feedback they receive and will let us know if there are any changes proposed to the policies.