PPTA Paid Union Meeting – Friday 23 November – School concludes at 12:30pm

A series of Paid Union Meetings has been called nationally by the PPTA (Post Primary Teachers Association) to discuss matters relating to the negotiations for the Secondary Teachers’ Collective Agreement which expires at the end of this month (October 2018).

All members of the PPTA will be required to attend the meeting which, in our case, will be held in Porirua on Friday 23 November. This meeting is an official paid union meeting under the conditions of the teachers’ employment agreement. It is NOT industrial action.

With a large group of staff unavailable to teach, we have decided that classes for the morning of Friday 23 November will be restructured and College will conclude at 12:30pm. The Canteen will not be open for lunch on this day.  Arrangements have been made to transport bus students home at that time.  The School Office will also be closing at 2:00pm.


There will be staff present at College and they will be available to supervise any student who may need or who wishes to remain at the College after 12:30pm.  Please let form teachers know if your child will be remaining at College so that necessary arrangements can be made.