You need to get your finances sorted early in order to prepare yourself for a successful start to your tertiary study. You are advised to apply to Study Link well ahead of time.  You can go to their link to find out more, or you can ring the StudyLink Hot Line on: 0800 88 99 00
First time students should go here to find out what information you need to gather before you even apply to Study Link. You also need to create a RealMe login (so you can prove who you are without paper). To find out more about what RealMe actually is, this link will help.
Once you have the documentation and the RealMe identity, you will be ready to login at Study Link and go through the steps to apply for financial help. 

Some commonly asked questions …

Who can get a Student Allowance?studylink
How much Student Allowance could you get?
What are the Student Allowance Obligations?
Can you get an Accommodation Benefit?
What are the Student’s Rights?

A Student Allowance is a weekly payment to help with your living expenses while you study full-time. You don’t have to pay this back.

The Student Loan can help to finance your study. It’s made up of three parts – course fees, course-related costs and living costs. You have to pay a Student Loan back.

For Parents:

Information for parents if your son or daughter is considering taking the big step into tertiary study.

Obtain an IRD Number Early:

If you are applying for next year you should do this well before the start of the academic year as it takes time to process all applications for NZ if they arrive at once. You will need to have an IRD number for all applications. To apply for an IRD number you can do it online by filling out an IR595 or call them on 0800 377 778.