Derived Grade Exams Timetable

Morning Exams start as close to 9.15 as possible. Please be at the exam room by 9.00.

Afternoon Exams start as close to 1.10 as possible. Please be at the exam room by 12.55.

During the exam there is to be no communication (verbal/visual/written).

No food is to be brought into the exam room.

Students supply their own materials – pens, paper, calculators etc. No borrowing of equipment once in the exam room.

Emergency packs of phones, watches, medication need to be in a clear plastic bag and kept under your chair. Phones must be turned off.

Pens need to be brought into the exam space in a clear plastic bag.

Mrs Campbell will give students separate individual instructions if they are entitled to Special Assessment Conditions.

No students may leave the exam room in the first 45 minutes, or in the last 15 minutes.

If students wish to leave they must put their hand up and wait for a supervisor. The supervisor must write the time of leaving on the paper as they collect the paper from the students. The student is then allowed to leave the exam room quietly without disrupting other students. Calculators, if allowed are to have their memories cleared before starting the exam. This must be observed by the exam supervisors on entry into the exam room.

If you are ill and are unable to attend an exam, please contact the office ASAP and an alternative time will be arranged for you to sit the exam.