Career exploration through work experience

The Gateway programme opens a new pathway for students from school to employment for further education and training. It is administered and funded by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) with policy set by the Ministry of Education. The number of students each school is able to enrol on the programme is determined by TEC and is indicative of the outcomes achieved from the previous year.                        

Benefits for young people

Gateway helps you to build your skills for employment working in real workplaces on real tasks. It is a ‘try before you buy’ type of opportunity which means you get to try out potential careers before you spend money on studying for them. It also gives you the opportunity to build links to Industry Training Organisations, Modern Apprenticeships and workplaces.


Paraparaumu College has been very active in the Gateway programme since 2010 and it has been very successful for both students and employers. Effective communication between school and the workplace together with many well prepared and supported students have resulted in long-standing, well respected and mutually beneficial relationships. Many past students have secured part-time and full-time employment within their Gateway placement or in other businesses within that industry. Please see Ra Higgott for more information on this programme.

Good news for employers

Gateway is a great opportunity to get extra part-time help, strengthen your links to industry training, to give something back to your community and maybe to assess potential employees before you hire them.

Gateway schools will equip their students for the workplace and provide learning resources.

Students likely to participate are those interested in a particular career in a specific industry, or those students who wish to collect a wider range of skills than school alone can provide. It is expected that students behave professionally and make the most of the opportunities they are given.

If you are interested in the Gateway Programme please contact our Gateway Co-ordinator Ra Higgott

04 9025170 Ext 857

Lani and Jorga both completed their Gateway Placement at Life Pharmacy in Coastlands.  Both girls are interested in a career in the beauty and retail industry.






Alex, Melissa and Nicole all completed their Gateway Placements at Warehouse Stationery.





Phoenix completed his Gateway Placement at the Kapiti Aero club working on aircraft engines.







Ryan completed his work placement at a Diesel Engineering shop.