Year 10 Exams – 22 & 23 November

At Paraparaumu College we value examinations as one form of assessing student knowledge and understanding.  On 22nd and 23rd November our Year 10 students will be sitting examinations for Social Studies, English, Science and Mathematics.  Some other courses will be having examinations within normal class-time.  One aim of having Year 1o exams is to give students the experience of sitting exams prior to the NCEA in Year 11.  The schedule is as follows

Wednesday 22 November, 9am – Social Studies

Wednesday 22 November, 1.05pm – Science

Thursday 23 November, 10am – English

Thursday 23 November, 1.10pm – Mathematics

Students can check out the rooms which their examinations are in here..

Year 9 will have classes as normal.