Conferencing & Careers Expo – Friday 7 April

Conferencing Day allows students and whānau the opportunity to attend a 15 minute interview with Form Teachers to explore pathways for school and beyond and to discuss key areas of focus.  There is an online booking system for making these appointments. The bookings will open on Monday 20th March and close at midday on Thursday 6 April. Please access and enter the code ‘ewhdh’ and choose your student’s Form Teacher . ALL students must attend a 15 minute interview even if whānau are unable to attend. School uniform is not required.

Students will be discussing and completing pathway planning forms during form time (and/or  may complete in their own time)

Whānau will be able to view the forms and students responses through the parental portal and students are encouraged to discuss the form with whānau. Students are also to pick a minimum of 3 ‘stands’ that they will visit at the Career Expo being held in the College Auditorium from 10am – 3pm on the same day. We have a very large and varied range of careers being showcased and this is very relevant for both our junior and senior students and their whānau.

Please click here for the Conferencing/Careers Day flyer.