Halls/College of Residence and Student Accommodation

From 1st August students should be applying for a Hall/College of Residence. They can apply for a Hall at more than one University if you are still unsure of where you are going.

The application is done online and  there are two parts to it:

  • The student’s personal application
  • The school’s Common Confidential Reference (CCRF) which must be requested by the student electronically at the end of their application.

To help in decision making students are urged:

  • to look online at the Halls in the different Universities
  • or read about them in a prospectus
  • or go and visit the University on an Open Day or by private arrangement.

Students should have a prior look at the online application format so that they are ready to answer questions about themselves, and to rank the Halls of their preference.

Note the process of collating the information to be used in the CCRF starts in June.

Shown below in alphabetical order are the links to universities in New Zealand along with some helpful guidelines for each university regarding accommodation, FAQ’s, costs, and information in general:



They have a good Guide to their Halls of Residence. There is also information on their flats/apartments.

Fees for both the colleges and apartments, and How to Apply are covered along with a handy Guide to Living in Auckland.




Halls of Residence.

Accommodation fees and some FAQ’s for your information, along with A Range of Information for students who are thinking of studying at AUT.

They also have a link about residential life at AUT.

They have also provided a link for Tips When Applying.



Halls of Residence and Village Accommodation:

That link covers general accommodation, private, board, homestay and temporary.



The Halls of Residence for Lincoln university are covered in their book called The Lincoln Experience. Renting is another choice, along with Homestay.

Comprehensive PDF files are also available for Accommodation Fees. Lincoln have no cut-off-date for applying to study. They take applications right up until the first Friday of the first week of the first Semester.

If you plan to apply online you will need to make a MyLinc account.



Massey has information on Halls of Residence in Manawatu, Albany and Wellington.

Accommodation fees and FAQ’s are also covered – along with many other things of course.




Halls of Residence. An overview of the residential colleges.

FAQ’s about the Application Process for Accommodation. General Wait list FAQs. What about a general idea of the cost of flatting in Dunedin?

Another video to look at is A Flock of Students which is a documentary capturing footage of young university students who have migrated to Dunedin to attend Otago Uni. It covers nesting, university pie-eating contents and social gatherings



For information about the Halls of Residence you will find most of the information you require in their latest Accommodation E-Guide. Homestay and units/apartments are covered under their Private Accommodation site. Although most people from Wellington will not need this information, some who live in the area still prefer to ‘live in’ so they feel the entire student experience at university.



Halls of Residence Overview and there is also a link to Accommodation options.

Accommodation fees and FAQ’s for your information. Flatting & Renting or if you prefer to live on-campus here are reasons why students prefer to do just that.