From 1st August students should be applying for a Hall/College of Residence. They can apply for a Hall at more than one University if you are still unsure of where you are going.

The application is done online and  there are two parts to it:

  • The student’s personal application
  • The school’s Common Confidential Reference (CCRF) which must be requested by the student electronically at the end of their application.

Note applications for AUT accommodation have customarily not opened until October 1st, and no CCRF is required. Please confirm this online for 2017/18 in case the situation has changed.

To help in decision making students are urged:

  • to look online at the Halls in the different Universities
  • or read about them in a prospectus
  • or go and visit the University on an Open Day or by private arrangement.

Students should have a prior look at the online application format so that they are ready to answer questions about themselves, and to rank the Halls of their preference.

Note the process of collating the information to be used in the CCRF starts in June.